The Evergreens Digital Library™

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The Evergreens Digital Library™

The Evergreens were a group of entities numbering between 6000 and 7000 who spoke through Michael Blake Read while in deep trance sleep-like state.

The Evergreens answered all matters of history, religion, health, science, psychology, cosmology, the future, spirituality, karma, relationships, lost civilizations, life in the universe, the nature of God, the soul and many many other subjects you will find interesting.

They also authored and presented several multi-part lectures: The Garden of the Mind, The World of the Atom, The Magic of Huna, The Mysteries Of Peru, Time Space and You, On becoming more Psychic, Cause, Effect And Creation Of Reality, Uniting All Portions Of Self, Self Hypnosis - and many many others.

This digital library is the collection of their work spanning 35 years.

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